Thursday, January 23, 2014

The not so secret society of side bitches

Back in my side bitch days, I played my fuckin role. There wasn't no bitchin n cryin about spending time. Just break that bread off when I need it an I'll keep my mouth shut. Those were the rules. 

I knew I was wrong but I was young(ER), childless, and carefree. I knew he wasn't leavin his bitch. He told me he loved me and the saddest part about it was I know he did. 

See men n women love differently. And when you involve a third party, things get messy. Men can love two (or more) women at a time. But here these two women are, loving the same man. 

Women always know when their man is cheating because men are creatures of habit. An once those habits are broken, there's a reason why. They're trying to do things out of the norm to intrigue this other woman. 

Now whether or not the woman at home is goin to speak on it is another issue. 

I've been on both sides of the fence. And I'm a firm believer in Karma so I know that when she came back she would not kick me in the ass, but in the face. And she did. 

It was the worst feeling in the world to know that the man that I loved and lived for loved someone else. In my mind you can't possibly love me and ANYBODY else. 

If you goin have a side bitch, she got to know she's secondary. Once you make that bitch feel special she becomes a threat to your woman at home and then ... Well then is when the trouble begins. Arguments, fights, crazy texts, and prank phone calls. 

At this point the side bitch now feels she pulls rank and deserves the treatment the man is giving to his woman at home, and she'll do whatever it takes to become #1. 

Lawwwwwd don't get me ta preachin up n here !! 

The side bitch is the side bitch for a reason !! 

Let's not forget honey ... A woman loses a man the same Motha fuckin way she got em !! 

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  1. Women really need to learn how to control their feelings!!

  2. If a girl gotta go through all that... Its clearly a waste of time. i dnt compete for dick. That shit is stupid & will have you lookin stupid